You and I share something very powerful in common: we both want to get more out of life!

While we may not always want more of the same things, we want more of that which brings us the most joy.

For me, sometimes that comes in the form of some new piece of technology, or a short road trip, or maybe just a day to do nothing but sit and rest.

So how do we get more of the things we really want in life?

Does it always have to be so hard?

Is it necessary to struggle and fight for every little win?

Sometimes, it seems as though that may be the only way to get what you want, but it’s also the hard way.

So what I want to share with you today is an easier way of getting more of the things you really want in life. It’s also the way I’ve been going about improving my own life and I’ve been ramping it up over the past few weeks and the results have been amazing!

Let me share a little story with you that may help you to understand what I’ve been up to.

For many, many years, I was the type of person who worked harder, faster, and longer than anybody else in my circle. I be lived with all of my heart that this was the way to create massive success. It’s what I had been taught
by my mentors and it’s what I saw other people doing, so I decided I would do it too, only bigger and better.

Well, how did that work out for me?

I kept it up as long as I possibly could but eventually, it caught up with me and I found myself burned out, tired, and unable to get a handle on how to get my energy back so I continue with my mad-dash to success.

But that’s not what happened. You see, I’ve been struggling with major energy issues now for some time. It’s as if my body decided enough is enough and forced me to step back, slow down, and rethink my approach.

The good news is that today I’m rapidly regaining my energy (with the help of some amazing Docs!) and I’m getting back into the game, but not at all in the same way.

You see, I’m smarter now and I realize that working hard is NOT the only way to get what you really want out of life. It is a great way to burn out, if that’s what you’re looking to do…

So what is an easier way to get it all, and get it fast?

It turns out that less really is more! Let me explain.

Now a word of caution here.. I’m about to get all “law of attraction” on you here, so be ready for it!

Success, real success, lasting success has very little to do with the work you do (the labor part) and much more to do with how you direct your thinking.

I have found that the things I want come easier (in other words, require less effort) when I keep my head in the game and stay focused on what I really want rather than being focused on all the reasons why I can’t get what I want.

In other words, since you and only you control what you think about, choose to think in terms of possibility instead of obstacles.

This one lesson, this one shift, has made a lasting difference in how I get from where I am today to where I’d like to be. the shifts have been so amazing that I’ve been meeting some incredible new people, gaining new customers that love working with me, and it has even impacted my health in some very powerful ways too.

Now, do I still “work” all day? Yes, I do. But it’s easier now than ever. It’s fun, I’m excited by what I will create and the people my message will impact, and my level of energy has higher now than it has been in years!

So change what you choose to focus upon as you think about life. If there are things that upset you, think about something else that excites you as much as you can. It’s not always easy, but this is the fast-track to having more of what you want.

Go ahead.. give it a try and then let me know how it works out for you!

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
Your e-Coach

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