Watch Live - December 30th, 2015

Starting at 9am Pacific (12 pm Eastern)

Our Panel of Experts

The Schedule

  • 12pm (9am PST): Robert Imbriale - The Secret to Creating Wealth
  • 1pm (10am PST): Lisa Rothstein - LIVE demonstration: Visualize your Ideal Client to Be On the Money in Your Marketing
  • 2pm (11am PST): Laura Rubinstein - How To Make Money in 2016 with Social Media
  • 3pm (12pm PST): Mitch Axelrod - Are You a Jockey or a Horse?... The NEW Game(TM) of Building Wealth!
  • 4pm (1pm PST): Shahar and Nashlah Boyayan - How to Become a Celebrity in Your Field
  • 5pm (2pm PST): Tom Justin - High Speed Personal Development
  • 6pm (3pm PST): Warren Whitlock - How to Make Your Customers Beg for Your Products
  • 7pm (4pm PST): Tianna Conte - Giving You a special gift to ring in the New Year!