Last night, I was reading a report I’d downloaded from a well- known “guru” in the marketing world. I’m always reading marketing  materials because I love to learn, love to keep my marketing  skills sharp, and I know that it takes just one idea to bring in  the next windfall.

Anyway, back to my point. What struck me while I was reading is  that there are simply 3 things that you need to be able to have a  successful business.

First, you need something you can sell. Next, you need a tool to  make those sales such as a web site. Finally, you need people,  lots and lots of people, who will see your web site.

This last step is where 97% of people fail. They have no idea how  to get people to their web site! What’s really interesting here  is that you could actually have a sub-par web site and still end  up making sales.

So how do you get more traffic?

My favorite tool to use is joint-ventures. These are a lot less  complicated than most people think. I’ll simply “trade” space in  my newsletter for space in somebody else’s newsletter. No money  changes hands and my message is then seen by more people.

While joint ventures are a valuable marketing tool, many people I  meet just won’t ever get up the courage to ask another person to  do such a deal with them. I understand that. But you still have  to build your list, you still have to reach out to more people,  so what else can you do?

You can spend money buying traffic, but in my experience, this is  not your best bet. In fact, over the past few years, I’ve pretty  much stopped buying traffic for my business and encourage my  clients to do the same.

So what’s left? Well, there’s social media. It’s right now where  all the action is, where are the traffic is, and it’s your best  source of traffic, with one caveat; you’ve got to know how to  reach them.

I set out today to find a great solution to as how to get social  media to work for you, and I stumbled upon something that really  impressed me. It wasn’t at all what I was looking for, it was  MUCH better!

In fact, this new tool will be one I’ll be adding to ALL of my  websites, and one I’ll suggest to my clients as well.

You can get the details of this neat little tool here.

What this piece of software does is that it takes the old-school  “tell-a-friend” concept and puts it on steroids. But this is NOT  the first time this has been done. Every social media web site  uses this same tool!

Now you can add it to your web site and get the kind of traffic  you’ve been looking for.

My guess is that for every joint venture deal I complete, I’ll  now more than triple my results. I may do better than that, but  that’s the goal I’ve set out to accomplish for right now.

So just to recap. You need traffic and you don’t want to pay for  it.

If that’s you, then have a look here.

If you’ve got something neat to offer and would like to talk  about doing a joint venture with me, you can e-mail me at:




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