In these rapidly changing times, figuring out what to do next can be a real challenge.

Do you give up and look for a job? That’s probably not going to help since there are few jobs to be found.

Do you start your own business? Yes, if you can CLEARLY answer the following questions.

1) What do you have to offer?

This is the question the trips up most people, but if you take some time to answer it, you’ll find that starting and building a business will be much, much easier for you.

So what can you offer to the market? Are you skilled at something? Do you have knowledge about something that you could offer to people who don’t yet have that knowledge?

Or can you perform some task or build projects that other people need to have done for them? Remember, just because somebody can do something for themselves doesn’t mean they want to and often times they prefer to hire somebody to do it for them.

2) Who would want what you have?

This is a simple question and an important one to ask. Who, very specifically, would want what you have and be willing to pay you for it?

That second part is important. A person, or company, has to be willing to pay for what you have to offer. If they are not willing and able to pay you, they are not what I could consider to be a viable prospect.

3) How can you reach those that want what you have?

This is where you begin to think about marketing. How will you get your message in front of those people that both want and can afford to buy what you have to offer?

Are there groups, clubs, associations, magazines, mailing lists, e-mail newsletters, social media groups, etc. where large numbers of these people can be easily found and reached?

When you take a moment to look at these 3 questions, and take some time to answer them, you’ll put yourself in a position of power from the very first day.

Let me share with you how I’ve applied these questions to my own business and what I’ve come up with for a very specific market.

What do I have to offer?

I have many things, but one in particular is the ability to conduct great interviews. Not only that, I’ve got a compete studio with professional grade gear that can record my interviews and turn them into finished audio CD programs. And, on top of that, I’ve got a publishing side of my business that can take those audio CD’s and get them on the market and in every bookstore in the country.

Who would want what I have?

There are probably a few groups that could benefit from what I have to offer, but the group I feel is most likely to want and need what I’ve got is the professional speaker.

How can I reach professional speakers?

There is an association of professional speakers with thousands of members. There are multiple groups on Linked in, Facebook, and pretty much every other major social media web site. These people are visible, easy to reach, and not only have a burning need for what I’ve got offer, they can afford to pay for my services.

So how did I implement this?

I built a web site at

I’ve got a person who is helping me to contact professional speakers and let them know what I’ve got to offer.

I’ve posted ads on Facebook, in Linked in, and I’ve e-mailed the professional speakers I know personally. I believe that within just a few short weeks I’ll fill up this program and will actually have a waiting list of speakers looking to be interviewed.

So that’s one way to get started, and although I’ve been in business a long time, the market has shifted so very much that I have had to find new ways to build my business.

I would love to know what YOU are doing to change your business too.

Go ahead and send me an e-mail and let me know what’s working for you and if you are needing any help.

Be outstanding!
Robert Imbriale
‘The Motivational Marketer’

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