You get to choose

You get to choose how you will handle the period of time in which we now find ourselves. Looking at the state of the world, you would not be


Conversations Create Clients

Episode 160 Conversations create clients!Social media. Some people love, it. Most hate it. Others are indifferent. I might fall into the indifferent category myself. Yes, I’ve heard all the

Using Today’s Challenges to Grow

Challenges bring opportunity! Everybody I speak with these days still talks about how their lives have changed since 2020. Seems the impact of all that has gone on

The Power of Many is Our Answer

The power of many.You are one voice. I am one voice. Together we are two, and exponentially louder. When we are 100, 1000, or 1 million we are the


Do you know what your most valuable asset is? What if.. you lost it all. The economy crashes. You’re without a job. We have more lockdowns? The bottom falls

Be the one to set the example

Will you set the example of what’s possible? When things get tough, as they are right now, we have a choice to make. We are either going to be